Business Plans
The Case Marketing team can provide support that ranges from recommending and advising to building a complete investors business plan and presentation or anywhere in between. We have developed a three-step process to guide our clients along the path to creating a plan that impresses investors and attracts funding. Here is an overview of our process:

business_plans1 Phase 1: Planning and Discovery – We work directly with you and your team to understand your objectives and success metrics, your business strategy, your market, customers, opportunities, and challenges. We analyze your competition and conduct a complete marketing inventory and review of your current business. Based-on our discovery, we create an investor pitch/business plan that sells. The plan presentation that will be created will present the content, flow, and messaging in a format that the investor is used to seeing and hearing. We will create a tool that will serves as the proxy for the business and can be used for meetings or can stand alone as a business plan.

Phase 2: Implementation and Execution – As part of the business plan development process, we will also help you better define and communicate the value of your business. We will work with you to develop three key communications tools to help promote your company to the investment community with consistency and purpose. Those communications tools will include: 1) The One Liner – that five to ten word line that crisply articulates the business; 2) The Elevator Pitch – two to three sentences that define the market, customer, problem/solution, and uniqueness of the business; 3) The Story – a short, true event that establishes you and your team's deep, personal understanding of the customer and connection to their problem. We will also help you develop a revenue model to support your business plan objectives. The most important deliverable is the business plan presentation itself. We will develop a plan that follows a successful format that has been used to raise millions of dollars in venture funding and angel capital. We will provide a 12-part presentation that will grab investors' interest and generate investment dollars. The 12-step plan includes:

1. Overview – The two to five key points from your elevator pitch and story ? grab them by the throat at the very beginning.

2. The Problem – What's the market, who's the customer, and what is their pain?

3. The Solution – Describe your company and its compelling benefits and how it will be a market changer.

4. Opportunity and Market – Market details, size, and growth; why you?

5. Innovation – What makes you unique, how do you deliver on the same-day promise, and is there any technology involved on the front-end or back-end?

6. Unique Competitive Advantage – Team, business relationships, new insights, domain expertise, any anything that gives your company an edge.

7. Competitive Landscape – Discuss current and potential competitors.

8. Go-to-Market Strategy – Who's the customer, what they buy, how they buy it and from whom, and what is your company's marketing and sales plans?

9. Financial Roadmap – Financial projections, milestone targets, overview of revnue model, cost structure and profitability, and use of proceeds.

10. The Team – Previous experience, unique skills, what you bring to the table, who's missing, and staffing plans.

11. Current Status – Highlight milestones achieved to date; what have you already accomplished with other investors' money?

12. Summary – Key points, why you'll win, address concerns, call to action, and next steps.

Phase 3: Fulfillment and Follow-Up – Once the plan is developed, we work with you to track and monitor results. We, then, make changes based-on feedback and input from potential investors and partners. Our goal is to help you get funded and also help you grow a successful business that can sustain itself on its own merits.


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