Marketing Plans
The list below is an outline of the Case Marketing Group, Inc., strategic marketing plan:

1. Create and write a comprehensive marketing plan that is aimed at giving you results you can see.

2. Write all elements of the plan including direct mail copy, ad copy, press releases and other pieces that we agree are needed for a promotion's success. Our staff writers have written for the most prestigious Fortune 500 companies.

marketing1 3. Marketing and sales communications meetings online via e-mail and phone as needed each month. Our timely updates/progress reports are what keep us ahead of every other marketing firm. We keep you informed of every program and the progress we are making. To our knowledge, no other firm communicates to their clients as frequently and completely many times during the month. You always know what's happening with every marketing segment of your business.

4. Work to help you create or update and enhance your web site so that it is designed to bring in new business and at the same time allow your existing customer base better access to the company and all that it has to offer. Our proprietary search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) programs, keep all our clients in the best positions on all major search engines.

5. Create CDs, videos, DVDs, etc., to help sell to your current and future customers.

6. Establish monitoring systems for the programs in place and work with you to help ensure successful application of each of the elements in the program. Key follow-up techniques are also important and we will test and get the most from each program. As part of our services, you receive periodic statistics on the effectiveness of your web site and all related programs.

7. Show you how to take existing literature and make it more "user friendly" and more efficient, i.e. a brochure, newsletter, follow-up information, etc. Create additional communications and promotional literature, proposal folders, mailers, etc., as we deem them necessary.

Direct mail pieces - we will write the mailings, and if needed supervise professional graphic design, including Val Pak and other mailers, which can help your company grow. Our designers are from Disney and other well known firms from all over the USA, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and other major cities. You'll recognize their names, but the prices we charge are far below those from big city agencies.

8. Increase your exposure in the markets you serve through the use of free publicity, (Public Relations) and special articles written about your company. This type of marketing should be on-going both online and through traditional media. This type of exposure is invaluable to your growth and our background ensures that your business will be published.

9. Focus-on new marketing opportunities and new, proprietary methods to keep your current and future client base aware of all that your company provides. We also recommend new products and services that can be marketed to your current customers.

marketing2 10. Work to create a program that will help your company generate more sales from your customer base. We've also learned what works for others in similar industries. That means we can quickly implement a program because we know the results and how to duplicate our successes for others.

11. Work to set up a relationship with a barter company, which will give you increased buying power and at the same time keep your actual cash outlay to a minimum. A client in Norwalk, Connecticut, had their trade show display built on barter. The savings amounted to over $7,000. We saved another client $35,000 on a large 40 foot display that was rented instead of purchased. We also produced a video on barter saving another client close to $8,000.

12. Work with you and your staff side-by-side at local trade shows to teach how to set-up lead generating show programs, which will help shows pay for themselves and more. Utilizing our lead tutorial, a Pennsylvania client went from under 50 leads from a local show to over 475 from the same show.

13. As stated above, if a display is needed, work with you to help build or rent a display that will look as if it cost five times what was actually spent.

14. Work to help cut costs on printing as we've done with our clients. In many instances, the savings have far exceeded the fees for our services. We've owned a printing firm and have worked with many to help them grow. In the process, we also learned to teach our clients how to drastically cut printing costs without sacrificing quality.

Our goal is to help your company grow through a strategic marketing plan with concepts and ideas that have not yet been utilized in your field or geographic area.

All of the above is aimed at the goal of increasing your bottom line.


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