Print Materials
Case Marketing Group, Inc., will work to help cut costs on printing, as we have done with all our clients. In many instances, the savings have far exceeded the fees for our services. We've owned a printing firm and have worked with many to help them grow. In the process, we also learned to teach our clients how to drastically cut printing costs without sacrificing quality.

We will show you how to take existing literature and make it more "user-friendly" and more efficient, i.e. a brochure, newsletter, follow-up information, etc. We will create additional communications and promotional literature, proposal folders, mailers, etc., as necessary.

Direct Mail pieces – We will write the mailings, and if needed, supervise professional graphic design, including Val Pak and other mailers, which can help your company grow. Our designers are from Disney and other well-known firms from all over the United States, including Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, and other major cities. You'll recognize their names, but the prices we charge are far below those from big city agencies.

Below are a few examples of some of the print material Case Marketing Group, Inc., has developed for some of our clients.


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