Public Relations
Case Marketing Group, Inc., Public Relations consists of experts who have literally cut their teeth in the toughest market in the country: New York City. They worked with and were taught by some of the best writers and networkers in the industry.

public_relations3 Public Relations with Case Marketing Group, Inc., includes both electronic and traditional media. In PR, it's not only what you know, it's who you know, and we have contacts worldwide in both electronic and traditional media, which enables us to expand your exposure to every corner of the globe. Our clients have received free PR not only in newspapers, they received coverage on radio, the Internet, and on television. Our staff members have worked for every type of media, including network television (CBS News, New York), so when a story needs what's known as a "hook," we get that hook for our clients.

What makes the above example so special is that it is a super sales tool. We know what works to get your products and services FREE media attention.

We define public relations as a method to increase your exposure in the markets you serve through the use of free publicity and special articles written about your company. This type of marketing should be continuous both online and through traditional media. Exposure in this way is invaluable to your growth and our background ensures your business will be published, heard on the radio, posted on the Internet, and/or seen on television.


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